Minimum Criteria:

Minimum Criteria

In this evaluation solely web-based Content Management Systems (WCMS) are examined. To simplify matters we will use the term CMS.

The following criteria are "k. o. criteria" in the sense that an evaluated CMS which does not fulfill one single criteria will, at this stage of the evaluation, be eliminated from the list.

The simple non-presentation of relevant information about a product to the evaluation team does not cause elimination from the evaluation process unless this information is presented with additional respite. In case the producer does not deliver relevant information after expiration of an adequate additional respite the product will drop out of the evaluation process.

  • Asynchronous communication tools (discussion forum, messaging-system) are integrated or can be integrated easily via a defined interface.

  • The division of business-logic, content and design must be given.

  • The system supports Unicode.

  • A search functionality is integrated (plain text, keywords, author, date and subjects) resp. easy to integrate via a defined interface.

  • The system must provide a role- and group based user and rights management.

  • The system contains a powerful online-editor with preview function, which is easy to handle without knowledge of HTML.

  • Separate management of single assets (texts, pictures, audio- and video files, links, templates) is possible.

  • Up- and download of files as well as import and management of external formats (Office, PDF ...) is possible for all registered users.

  • The system must be constructed in a modular way, and its functionality must be easily extensible.

  • A browser based front-end (without proprietary plug-ins) must exist for the system management as well as for entering and composition of contents. Cross-Browser-Compatibility following W3C-Standards must be given.

  • Austrian wide frame license (in the contrary to a pay-per-user-model) must be possible.

  • The system must support (Open-)LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) or has to be adaptable accordingly.

  • The system must be multilingual and support at least the German and English languages.

  • Integration of current MIME-Types (.GIF, .JPEG, flash) is possible.

  • The producer must be able to provide relevant references. In case of an open-source-product the developing team has to consist of at least three persons.

  • The CMS must support at least two different server operating systems.